Limnoria plugins


This page shows a non-exhaustive list of Limnoria plugins, either built-in or from third-party developers; that should provide most features you ever dreamed of. If there is one missing, feel free to ask us on at #limnoria on Libera.Chat. When a plugin is loaded, you can explore its features via IRC with the following commands:
Lists all plugins loaded in the bot
@list <Plugin>
Lists all commands available in the given Plugin
@help <command>
Shows how to use a command and what it does
@config list supybot.plugins.<Plugin>
Lists configuration variables provided by the Plugin. See the configuration system documentation for details on how to get more information on configuration variables.


Allows anyone to send a message to someone while they are offline. The bot will send them the message when they are back online.
Similar to Later, but with some authentication. It allows any user to send messages to other users, as long as they are registered to the bot.
Relay, LinkRelay, RelayNext
Relay messages across multiple channel/networks. Useful if your community is split between different networks, but you want everyone to communicate with each other.
LinkRelay and RelayNext are third-party plugins, you can get them with the commands: pip3 install 'git+' and pip3 install 'git+'
Allows you to "fix" a typo or mistake in a previous message. For example, if you wrote "I love pipes" and realize your mistake, you can write "s/pipes/pies/" and the bot will reply "X meant to say: I love pies".

Factoids and quotes

Factoids and MoobotFactoids
Classic IRC factoids: allow users to "teach" the bot information about a word, and recall it later. Very useful on help channels to provide links to new users and answer Frequently Asked Questions. Factoids and MoobotFactoids provide the same function but with a different flavor in their interface.
Allows users to register arbitrary quotes, and recall them later.
Similar to Quotes, but only allows quoting something a user said recently in the same channel.

Internet utilities

DDG and Google
Provide searches using Duckduckgo and Google respectively.
Experimental plugin that fetches information from the Fediverse, ie. websites that support ActivityPub, such as Mastodon, PeerTube, or Pleroma.
Internet, Web
Provide commands to get some information about web pages and domains/DNS. Web can be configured to automatically print the title of all links shared in a channel.
Improved version of Web's title announcement for some websites: Youtube, Imgur, IMDB, Reddit, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Coub. This is a third-party plugin, you must install it with the command: pip3 install 'git+'
Provides access to URL-shortening services: shortens URLs the bot would send on a channel, and optionally URLs sent by other users.


Computes mathematical expressions and unit conversion.
Runs advanced computation and equation solving using This is a third-party plugin, you must install it with the command: pip3 install 'git+'


Provides access to RSS feeds, and announces them automatically on channels.
Provides commands to display the current weather and forecasts. This is a third-party plugin, you must install it with the command: pip3 install 'git+'

Development Forges

Queries Bugzilla installations, shows details about bugs, and announces bugmails sent from Bugzilla. This is a third-party plugin, you must install it with the command: pip3 install 'git+'
Shows details about bug reports, commits, or pull requests when mentioned by URL. Supports various bug trackers, including: Bugzilla, Debbugs, GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, Launchpad, CGit, Mantis, SourceForge, and Trac This is a third-party plugin, you must install it with the command: pip3 install "git+"
Announces events from GitHub repositories. This is a third-party plugin, you must install it with the command: pip3 install 'git+'
Announces events from GitLab repositories. This is a third-party plugin, you must install it with the command: pip3 install 'git+'
Shows details about Differentials and Tasks when mentioned by id. This is a third-party plugin, you must download it with the command: git clone swh-limnoria-plugins then add the swh-limnoria-plugins directory to the supybot.directories.plugins configuration before loading it.

Creating custom commands

Limnoria allows you to create custom commands, that may call other commands themselves (aka. nested commands). This allows you powerful customization of your bot, without writing a single line of code.

This may remind you of shell scripting, but with [subcommand arg1 arg2] instead of $(subcommand arg1 arg2).

The following plugins provide handy commands to create your own custom commands.

Aka, Alias
Allows you to create a command with a name, that users can call like any other command. (Alias is the ancestor of Aka, and is only kept for backward compatibility, you usually won't use it anymore.)
Provides commands that call other commands conditionally. For example, this allows you to run a command only if a target user is in the channel.
Allows you to configure triggers (regular expressions), that will automatically run a command when a user says something (a word, a message full of upper-case letters, numbers, ...).
Filter, Format, String, Utilities
Provide various utility commands, check them out with @list Utilities.
Allows you to run a command some time in the future; or at a recurring interval.

Bot management

Provides commands for bot administrators; mostly permission management and joining/leaving channels.
Provides all the commands to configure the bot, see the documentation of the configuration system.
Provides commands for the bot owner: renaming commands, stopping the bot, granting capabilities globally to users.
Provides commands to connect and disconnect to IRC networks, send whois queries, get latency, and network statistics.
Allows you to download and install third-party plugins from IRC -- without touching the shell
Authenticates the bot to network services (eg. NickServ). Nowadays, this is usually not needed anymore, as most network support standard IRC authentication (SASL).

Channel management

Allows you to automatically make users op (+o) or voice (+v) when they join, or ban them (+b).
Prevents the bot from saying some words, and/or to kick users who use them.
Generic commands to manage a channel: adding capabilities to users within a channel, ignoring users, opping/voicing, making the bot silent.
Advanced ban management tracking, designed for operators of large channels This is a third-party plugin; you must install it with the shell command: cd ~/yourbot/plugins/; git clone
Writes channel logs on disk
Automatically restores op status of users supposed to be op, if they happen to be deopped by someone.
Allows users to add and remove sections to the topic. Handy if you don't want to rewrite the whole topic every time.

User management

Allows users to authenticate to their account without a password, using their GnuPG key.
Allows users to authenticate to their account without a password, using their existing account with network services. (This only works on networks that provide this kind of service, usually called NickServ.)
Provides commands for users to manage their own accounts: registration, login, adding a hostmask to their account (to be recognized automatically).

And more!

Other built-in plugins not mentioned above are: and there are dozens more of third-party plugins on the web.